4.0mm Tornillo esponjoso con cabeza bloqueada, Totalmente Roscado, Autorroscante (Star Drive)


Cat No.
(Stainless Steel)
Length (mm) Cat No.
105.612 12 Ti.105.612
105.614 14 Ti.105.614
105.616 16 Ti.105.616
105.618 18 Ti.105.618
105.620 20 Ti.105.620
105.622 22 Ti.105.622
105.624 24 Ti.105.624
105.626 26 Ti.105.626
105.628 28 Ti.105.628
105.630 30 Ti.105.630
105.632 32 Ti.105.632
105.634 34 Ti.105.634
105.636 36 Ti.105.636
105.638 38 Ti.105.638
105.640 40 Ti.105.640
105.642 42 Ti.105.642
105.644 44 Ti.105.644
105.646 46 Ti.105.646
105.648 48 Ti.105.648
105.650 50 Ti.105.650
105.655 55 Ti.105.655
105.660 60 Ti.105.660
105.665 65 Ti.105.665
105.670 70 Ti.105.670
105.675 75 Ti.105.675
105.680 80 Ti.105.680

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